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Steam Account Conversion Option

3/2/2015 1:32:18 PM

Dear NF2 Captains,


We are proud to announce that Navy Field 2 will be officially available for all Steam users very soon. New Steam users will join us on the existing server, so please prepare to welcome them.


While we took all measures to ensure that the Steam launch is seamless, current standalone NF2 accounts will not be able to login through the Steam version and vice versa without modification. In order to get around this, we have created an optional method to convert your current standalone account into a Steam compatible version if you find it to be more convenient for you.


Converting your standalone Navy Field 2 account into a Steam client compatible account:


Step 1: Access the Account Conversion option through your My INFO dropdown menu



Step 2: Click the “Convert Account to Steam” button



Step 3: Pay very close attention to the warning message and then confirm by entering your password and then clicking “Convert Account” to finalize.



Important Notes:


You cannot return back to a normal standalone client account once you convert your account to Steam.


None of your data will be altered in the process.


Only 1 Navy Field 2 account is allowed per Steam account. Once an account has been associated with a Steam account it cannot be transferred to a different Steam account. More importantly, if you create an NF2 Steam account and then attempt to convert your existing standalone account, one of the accounts may be overwritten.



The account conversion method has been developed in order to provide you the option to decide how you wish to play Navy Field 2. Please read over the steps carefully before deciding as the process is not reversible.


Thank you for your support,


Navy Field 2 Team


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