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Regarding 'Invalid password' and login Issues

3/16/2015 1:25:07 AM

Dear NF2 Captains,



Upon investigation of various individual cases, our team has compiled the following solutions for resolving most login related issues affecting users.


Solution 1:

During the registration process of your Navy Field 2 account, the account may fail to be properly converted in order for use with the Steam client. If you receive an "account information error" message, please double-check the following:


Converting your standalone Navy Field 2 account into a Steam client compatible account:


Step 1: Access the Account Conversion option through your My INFO dropdown menu



Step 2: Click the “Convert Account to Steam” button


This should allow your account to login through the Steam client if previously unable to do so. If the "Convert Account to Steam" option is not available for your account, please see solution 2.


Solution 2:


Accounts using non-English characters for their passwords will result in the ability to login through the website, but failure to login to the game.


Step 1: Please visit:


http://navyfield2.com -> Log in using your current account details- >


Step 2: Afterward, go to




Make sure that your password consists of 8 to 16 English alphabet characters and/or numbers. Using non-English characters for your password will result in an  'Invalid Password' error. So if you have other letters or symbols, please edit them to a new password using only English alphabet and numbers.

Please check your passwords once more, and then attempt to login.


These two solutions should resolve the majority of reported login issues. Please contact us through support ticket if you require further assistance.


Thank you for your support,


NF2 Team

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