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NFI Task Force Event *UPDATED*

12/10/2014 11:45:04 PM


Once you have reached level 75 in NF2, please submit an NF1 support ticket to the Event section with all of the following in order to claim your 800 Medal reward:

1) NF2 Account Name

2) NF2 Captain Name

3) NF2 registered email 

4) A screenshot of your shipyard that clearly shows your captain info. (Screenshots are saved to the My Documents > Navy Field 2 > ScreenShot folder)

 Ticket should be sent by February 4th, 23:59(PST).

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10000 Likes - 500 Gold

15000 Likes - 1000 Gold

20000 Likes - 1500 Gold


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* Gold will be provided automatically through the website during the maintenance time.

* Gold processing may take few hours.

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