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Question about CV DB. Help*Help*

1/25/2015 11:40:51 PM
Avatar johnson0509



I am new to CV. Finding its quite harder then I think to control the plaanes. There are few things I wanted to know, see if any borthers here can answer my questions. Thanks!


1.) The lost of planes.

I found out that no matter DB or TB, they can't make their way back home "CV" after I send them attacking ememy ships. All my planes were got shoot down by enemy's auto anti air gun. "is it beacause I am using the LV1 plane? its because when I see the others using CV, mostly only 1 or 2 planes got shoot down from attacking, but for me its like mostly all dead everytime i send them to attack. Is lv60 plane will get better on this? Is LV60 planes for LV60 BO?


2.) The aiming of DB

I have read some of the guide from here and find out DB should do manual aim instead of auto. I have tried myself many times. The problem is when I giving order to the plane to dive down and when I press "fire" drop bombs, the bombs not really hitting the "red little spot", its always miss even I am aming a BB ship (bigger size). Am I droping the bomb at the wrong timing? When is the best time to drop bomb while the DB is diving? Isnt droping it at when the plane dive to the lowest? Also for the officer point adding. I have heard that there are no need to add points to "DB" since I am doing it manully? Is the points also effect manual aiming DB?


3.) DB types

Since DB is good for attacking BB. So I should chose AP DB instead of HE DB? Because BB should be armored so well so AP DB should more effective?


Best regard,

NF2 fans.



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