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no light

1/31/2015 8:58:51 AM
Avatar Mirco67

Why you make the same stupid fail like in nf1?


You can't thinkin? You tell everything that this is a teamgame...sure its must be...but the true is all other!

Look the peaople...NOBODY play in the team. maybe one or 2 players are so great and understand a teamgame.

But YOU make the same stupid fail. you never give HONORS for teamplayer!!!! So why the people do play for the team?

Specialy the light. A cv makes best light for bb. But whit make light or shot down enemy planes you not give enough exp/creds for cv, you give only enought when he BOMB!

So you see...YOU make all wrong! Its YOU who not create a TEAM game because you make all wrong. GIVE LIGHT so no problems and more fun for all. All other is stupid!


Or give MUCH BETTER HONORS when teammates play for win the TEAM.

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