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SS ruin game while CLs are useless

2/1/2015 9:21:17 AM
Avatar Blubbblubb

SS ruin the game cause they have no real counterparts and can not be evaded.

Even if DD and CLs are concentrating on SS hunting the sonar is much to weak and unprecise for that. Only weapon against dived Subs are depth charges from DDs which have to be lead before the sub and a depth must be assumed.

On the other hand Subs can't be evaded, they pop up to level 1 and fire their salvo beeing down after that again.

What about opening and closing the tubes? Calculating a fire solution which needs observing targets first?

My ideas are:

a) give CLs anti sub weapons. Maybe some hedge hogs as secondary guns.

b) subs need a 5-10 second time to prepare a shot when coming up from level 2 to 1. Same time after a torpedo shot before beeing able to get down again.


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