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Battleship Nevada

2/2/2015 11:00:30 PM
Avatar vasuba

As a US Battleship player I have to say this ship is way too overpowered. It has become the standard practice to just stay in the Nevada until the New Mexico 45. Its damage output is ridiculously high that it makes Higher teir ships seem quite weak in comparison.

Another Note. The Nevada Had a 2X3 14" and 2X2 14" layout which you have correct with the default mode but then when you upgrade it gets a totally made up 4x3 14" layout that was on the Pennsylvania Class Battleships. Having the Correct 2x3 and 2X2 layout would right off the bat help lower its damage as it would lose 2 barrels. 

As it is the Nevada has the same layout as the Teir 8 US BB while only doing 600 damage less per shot. This makes the Teir 6 and Teir 7 complete garbage in comparison.

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