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IJN DD Shimakaze

2/5/2015 1:43:54 PM
Avatar Oxycodone

JUST GOT THIS SHIP AND... End tier speed and gun sucks compared to the earlier ships.

Lets compare speeds:

Shimakaze: 39knots
DD Kagero: 42.1knots
CL Kuma: 40knots
CL Morgami: 41.8 knots
CA Morgami: 37knots

Something is very wrong with the speed of the shimakaze when it was suppose to be the fastest ship in the IJN. The new CL and even the kuma is faster than her. Heck even a CA have almost the same speed. Why does the engine upgrade on the Kagero leads to the Shimakaze only to have gimped speeds?!

Guns are an ok tradeoff so they are fine even if they suck due to IJN having better torps, but without speed playing this ship is pointless.

Comparing speeds of other DD end tier:
RN: 41
USN: 39

+THerefore, Increase speed on Shimakaze to at least 42.1knots as the previous tier ship.

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