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High Tier Ships whitout aircraft have lowest Sight range *Right now*

2/6/2015 1:55:24 AM
Avatar Grumarsh

Hi there.
After last Balance Patch we have seen intresting info about Sight(M) of ships.

[02/02] Upcoming Patch Notes for Feb 4th LINK

Revenge: 791m sight (no aircaft)
Lexington: 906m sight
Kongo 1944: 815m sight
Scharnhorst: 831m sight


Nelson: 834m sight (no aircraft)
North Carolina: 875m sight
Nagato: 834m sight
Bismarck: 866m sight

I have nothing against some ships implamented in-game that by orginal designe couldnt carry any aircaft and dont have them in game too. But why they have lowest sight range if they are is so big disadvantage like not having any scout pilots.

All that have played some games in NF2 know how imported is to see enemy targets if you want to WIN game. How many good battles have been lose becouse "no1 was spoting"?

Giving low sight range to ships whitout aircraft prevent Matchmaking Mechanic to work as it should be (make 2 teams whit equal WIN chance by default)

For example:
Team 1:
1xNelson (no aircraft)
2xRevenge (no aircraft)
2xSub (no aircraft)
Other ships (tier 1-5) (no aircraft)

Team 2:
1xNagato (aircaft)
2xKongo 1944 (aircaft)
2xSub (no aircraft)
Other ships (tier 1-5) (no aircraft)

In this situation Team 1 is in huge disadvantage becouse they dont have any scout pilots more over they will have shorter sight range then enemy. Chance to win the game by Team1 = Very Low.

==)> Dont you think that high tier ships whitout aircaft should have a bit better sight range (20-40m) then ships whit scout pilots at same tier/class.

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