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Officer Morale Loss Vs Morale increase.

2/6/2015 10:59:29 AM
Avatar novastorm



We had been evaluating the morale increase and decrease per battles won and battles lost.


The  morale you lose per lost battle is - 3.1%  avarage

And this value seems to be fixed most of the time at - 3.1 % if you leave - quit etc..


On the other hand;


The avarage morale you gain per battle varies between + 1.7% to +2.1% avarage

When you at least sink some ship or ships..


So,  why is it like this ?

It's generally, 3 wins = 1 loss morale, which is very frustrating..


Can the calculations be re-checked and the system changed maybe.. At least,

blank losing and winning should have same amount of addition and subtraction.

But sinking extra ships or damage, would increase the morale more...


Note : If you didn't contribute to a fight in any way, even if you win a battle, you should get 0% change..


Any ideas ?


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