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bunch of ideas/fixes

2/7/2015 7:37:07 AM
Avatar Caelena
  • Beaching your ship causes damage like in NF1
  • Crossing a team/enemy ship causes small damage like being beached, but only to your ship to discourage it
  • make torpedos like firing your main guns to fix the short/ridiculous arm time if any current.. which i mean give the distance lines like your guns, if say 100 metres from target, torpedos arm at around 20 metres for example as DD for example usually launch torpedos from their decks in most cases. SS should arm faster than DD or other torp armed ships.
  • Toredos dont discriminate with friendly/foe ships.
  • remove shared experiance, no effort should mean no reward, currently can start a game, go get a coffee come back to free credits/exp for doing nothing. experience should be earned by sighting enemies and team dealing damage to them, capturing islands, damage dealt, staying alive while having a minimum of damage dealt and a bonus for # of sinks
  • give a smaller... tinier delay on SS submerging and emerging from the water if current is 2 seconds, then make it 3 to compensate for hydraulic pumps reseting, atm its almost instantaneous, appear, fire, sink, fade away
  • munnition depots should do just that, rearm depleted ammunition over time to a "docked" ship
  • airfields could also re-equip planes to cvs or ships with scouts
  • add hedge hogs to ca/bb lines
  • fix the platoon option so we can actually join the same game as our fleet/friends (with a limit of say 4-6)
  • put a "players in que" display on the searching indicator for finding games so u know if your going to be in for a long wait or not
  • put "players Online", its always nice to know your not alone
  • fix the fleet contribution/put a actual use for this or remove it completely
  • change renaming your crew/captain to credits instead of gold or reduce the gold cost
  • add a "trade" lobby like in nf1 (not the lobby in map section but a windowed buy/sell option, with or without chat) from what i can tell you can customize/remove/replace sailors so u can definetly sell/buy/trade them or even the armour addons too to those whose moms wont let them buy gold, someone has to buy them with gold eitherway so still a win-win for players:SDE
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