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Premium Time Dropping too rapidly

2/8/2015 10:53:43 AM
Avatar DarkValor

I sent in a support ticket on this as well, but I figured I would post it here to warn others who pay for premium. Yesterday morning I logged into the game and had 32 days of premium left. I played for a few hours and left. Later on last night I logged back in and saw that I had 31 days left... I played for some more and then left again.

Well this morning I logged into the game and I saw that I now have 29 days left. Premium time is going by too quickly. I reviewed my purchase time and have found that since I purchased 2 - 30 day premium packages almost 2 weeks ago, I have lost 30 days in 2 weeks. I think others should be aware that it seems that since one of the last couple patches, the premium time has been dropping more rapidly.

If you do buy Premium time, I suggest that you send in a support ticket and get back some of the premium time which has been being removed more rapidly. The way I figure it, they are counting 1 day as 12 hours, not 24 hours as it should be. That is the only explanation as to why I have used 30 days of premium in 2 weeks.

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