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manual aiming

2/12/2015 1:07:05 PM
Avatar elliot2lazy

Alright long time NF1 player here.

I start playing this game and like NF1 it has you using auto aiming, which is noob mode in my opinion. You can do so much more with manual, control your ship better and do many things while aiming... at least you could in NF1.



I only will play manual aiming on NF2, it drives me up the wall if I don't. Anyone else agree or disagree?


I do notice a few changes they need to make though to make manual more playable to new and old players.


They need to make the shells more crisp on when they hit the water, as in the circles need to be bigger in my opinion. I know you can just press G back and forth for going to where you just shot at. But that's not my point mainly. It is when you are trying to learn your angles and when you are shooting close. They tend to blend with the gun lines themselves, that's just my opinion though.

I think they also need to make the turning on the gun lines faster. As in it is faster to click to a target with auto, but the gun lines are slightly slower with the TDA on using manual. 

also for easier conversions with guns I think T for torps/secondary guns and R for main guns for default controls in manual aiming would be much easier for NF1 players to come to. Instead  you have to go in and "fix" it.

Also I do notice quite a big difference in angles, I have bought prem acc gunners and leveling them, but the consistency of angle 30 and angle 30 are different. Same speed and angle from the ship, I'm not saying block shotting is what is the problem. I'm trying to say is that sometimes they are together at what appears to be angle 30 and then you take another shot (same angle) and they are together around should be 28. They are togetherish, but hard to learn manual. It is hard to learn angles on a ship where the real skills in NF1 were when NF2 has its' manual all over the place.

I play this game and its a lot like playing a lot of blitzes (NF1), where is the skill? I can see the fun and tactics everywhere, but a lot of people run around with their heads cut off so-to-speak.


So all-in-all the angles themselves need to be more consistent and its seems all manual TDA's need a buff. Crisper Lines too, I got my graphics set on high across the board and it was still better in NF1.

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