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Main Game Issues

2/14/2015 4:34:56 AM
Avatar AngryAkki

Hi everyone ;) after playing this game for few days ive decided to write some feedback on the current state of the game...so ...here it is ;)

Currently....THIS GAME SUCKS! it is sad, but it is true :/

BUT dont give me wrong ! I am not saying its all bad! This game have potential to be good (which is the reason why i am typing this) but there are some major issues that really have to be solved....

now to the point....


Main reasons why this game is so bad now :



Because nothing is explained!

How to control the ships, how to use different weapons, how the crew abilities works, how the armor works in the game (...and it works in a really strange way) etc...so players have to test everything for themselves and find out how the game works the hard way. Which is frustrating and incredibly stupid...

And yes i know there is that one tutorial mission at start and something called "game guide" but tutorial only explains basic ship movement and that so called game guide is totally useless since is very badly written (things in there are described very poorly and some things are missing or cut mid sentence)

Srsly this game needs some quality tutorial and guides about controls and game mechanics...



Because of major balance issues!

srsly battleships are so overpowered that they completely ruin the game!(together with almost indestructible scout planes).I saw some situations in game where one battleship killed like 6 cruisers and destroyers all by itself , thats crazy!Yea i know battleships had really powerful guns and strong armor in reality BUT (!) their guns were also very in accurate (hit ratio of their main guns at max range was around 5% and their aiming took a lot of time) but in this game they are hitting everything with their first salvo and their aiming is so fast that they obliterate everything in their sight in matter of seconds which makes every other ship class completely useless .Also planes are pretty big problem here because unless they fly straight in max altitude (or unless they fly in minimal alt and very close to the enemy ship) they are absolutely impossible to hit, and since spotting enemies with planes is very important in this game , it makes them incredibly powerful.



Currently my games looks like that:

after ten minutes of waiting for battle, the battle starts, and then... just few seconds after game starts , no matter where i go, a scout plane appears above my destroyer and two seconds later barrage of shells fired from battleship that i cant even see totally wrecks my ship...game over...srsly ...this is no fun...:/



Because there is no teamplay!

The one of the main reasons why those combat MMOs ( like LoL,WoT ,WT or many other games) are so popular is that you can play them with friends , either make a platoon with few friends and join random battles or make a company with some more friends and fight against other companies, or even create a clan and compete against other clans ...its fun! without this feature there is no reason to play an online game ,you can just play a single player ...because when you play just a random battle with random ppl everyone just cares for himself and there is absolutely no team play involved :/ (which is boring) ...especially in this game since chat is somewhat bugged and you cant even communicate with other players properly :(



Because new players have no chance!


Its really sad , new player cant have absolutely any fun in this game because all he is ...is just a practice target ...with low level destroyer that do not have a scout plane and it is not even equipped with depth charges against subs, what can he do against tier 9 battleships that can sunk him easily with one salvo? Nothing ! Just run like chicken :/ thats not fun either... i understand there needs to be some level progression and some advancement from weak ships to the powerful ones, but unless new players are given some fighting chance they will abandon the game before they get to the better ships...especially when the game progression is very slow and matchmaking puts tier 10 ships against tier 1 :/ that is just unfair :/


so please solve those issues...


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