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Some sugestions for SS and Anti-SS play

2/14/2015 10:16:53 AM
Avatar DaWyrm

I've been playing sub-hunter for a while now and have thought about the following things to make SS and anti-SS play more interesting, more realistic and give some more pros and cons to both Submarines and destroyers.

1. Subs should not only have oxygen for staying submerged but also batteries. Batteries would only be consumed when moving submerged and will recharge while moving on the surface. This would give subs an ability to stay submerged longer if moving slower or not at all. Oxygen amount would probably have to be increased in order to balance this, or possibly make oxygen fill up faster when surfaced.

2. Hydrophones. Both subs and DDs should have hydrophones. Hydrophones would help subs detect ships on the surface when submerged. It would NOT remove the fog of war but instead just give positions the same way as the radar sweep does now. The speed and size of the vesel should dictate detection range. An overcharging BB should be easier to detect than a slow moving CL. For the DD the hydrophone should have a chance of detecting submerged SS based on speed and depth of the sub. A slow sub at 90m would be much less likely to be detected than a fast moving sub at periscope depth. A stationary ship, be it sub or surface, would never be detected with the hydrophone.

3. Speed of DD would effect the effectiveness of sonar. A destroyer moving at flank speed will likely lose sonar contact due to the ships' engines making too much noise. This would encourage DDs to work in pairs where one maintain sonar contact for the one currently making an attack with depth charges.

4. Depth charges should have their splash damage reduced depending on depth. The deeper they are set to detonate, the smaller the area of effect for the explosion. This would be compensated by blasts being much deadlier at greater depth and especially if detonated one level below the SS.

5. Depth charges should have a sinking time. Currenty a depthcharge detonates at the same time no matter what deepth it is set to. It would make more sense to have depth charges take an aditional second or so per 10 meters. This would help subs escape easier if at greater depths.

6. The pressure hull should fail if a sub takes over a certain amount of damage. This would make the sub take damage from diving deeper than say 30 meters. It will take damage faster the deeper it is.

7. Ramming! A ships should be able to ram a sub if it is at periscope depth or surfaced. This was a quite effective ASW tactic used in WWII, and I wish it could be included in the game. I realize that ship collitions are not in the game and I understand why. But I would like to have this exception.


8. Vision: A submerged SS that is deeper than periscopedepth should be completely blind except for hydrophone contacts. This would be countered by having the SS have greater vision than present at periscope depth and while surfaced.

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