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FYI- Refund = deleting sailors

2/14/2015 8:14:13 PM
Avatar MrDroc

Just thought I would add a FYI,

After purchasing gold and experiencing weeks of terrible lag(see my threads) and no help via tickets, and then days of "server undefined" downtime, I requested a partial paypal refund so I wasnt wasing my premium, unable to use it, and indicated I would re-up gold when the situation was resolved and I was able to play.  With the slow response to tickets(a week) and zero response to my help threads, this seemed like the most logical solution.  It wouldnt seem logical to ask them to compensate me via tickets because responses just were not happening.  

When I say partial refund, I asked for a refund on time excluding dollar amount of gold that the sailor cost.....This seems like a no-brainer to me, and I indicated in my paypal request.

In response, SDE gave me a full refund and deleted my Prem officer who I had put 40 or so levels on.  

So yah, if you fallow my lead, they just nuke your shit.  I spent alot of time in NF and put plenty of money into it and I have had more issues in 1 month of NF2 then several years in NF.  

Understand that I find this very frustrating that I got terrible service, horrible performance and loads of downtime, and the GMs response isnt one of understanding, but of deleting.  Bummer, NF2 had potential.  

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