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{12/5] Current Beta Reports Update *UPDATED*

12/4/2014 12:59:26 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm


Hey Guys,


First off, thank you all for taking time to participate in the NF2 beta. We know there are still a few kinks to work out and we hope to have them all taken care of with your help.


We're going to go ahead and list the reports we've been receiving along with their current status. If you have new reports to provide, please feel free to post them here.


Thank you for your help improving Navy Field 2!


***Reports and Issues****

1) Manual key problem

Manual keys currently have an issue regarding their failure to be added to hotkey commands correctly.


Status *UPDATED 12/5*: This will definitely be changed. Most of the core key bindings will be the same as Navy Field 1. It may still pose a bit of a challenge for users coming from NF1, but it should become more familiar through continued use.


Hot Keys will be fixed so they can be changed to whatever the user wants. NOTE : Key bindings set during beta will be reset on launch.


2) Help screen during battle appears in Korean

When you access the help screen in battle it appears in Korean, not English as intended.


Status: This will be fixed shortly.


3) Platoon System registration error

When attempting to form a Platoon, the keys typed will display broken  and incorrect but register as intended.


Status: This will be passed to our developers as soon as they return to office later today.


4) Language filter

The language filter is far too aggressive which is resulting in many words showing up as boxes within chat.


Status *UPDATED 12/5*: Players should soon be free to say "Holy SHIP I haven't had this much FUN since I was in CLASS!" We are continuing to refine the system to avoid false-positives in the future.


This bug has already been resolved by our team internally, but required a full test before the fix can be applied. We hope to eventually offer a filter toggle as an option in the future.


5) Website issues

The website itself could use a number of enhancements to improve navigation as well as posting.


Status: Our team is aware of the improvements necessary and is working to renovate the site soon. We humbly ask for your patience. We consider the forum only 20% complete at this time. A fleet page, image uploader, and greatly improved response functions will be added.


6) Auto FCS vs Manual

Reports of Auto FCS being able to switch gun groups and fire too quickly. Not balanced against Manual FCS.


Status: This is a very delicate issue as it can have a great impact on overall gameplay. Our team will evaluate your reports regarding this issue further before weighing out the possible options. 


7) Spacebar rollover

Spacebar doesn’t fire when pressed if other keys are pressed at same time.


Status: tested this but couldn't find any error. Will require clarification if there are further reports of such.


8) Camera map control

When you rotate the camera, you can become disoriented if using the map. Controls should be based on the camera angle.


Status: The current camera and map system is functioning as intended. If there is strong feedback opposing the current system we will be open to consider alternative methods. 


9) End battle music volume does not adhere to volume settings

End battle music appears at full volume even if settings are turned down (does not apply if sound is muted).


Status: Reported to our developers for resolution.


10) Global sounds toggle

A hotkey to toggle sound or BGM during battle.


Status: Will be reported to our developers for addition.


11) Support Class aide names show as "StrBufferOver"


Status: Has been resolved and will be applied to next patch.


12) Matching system takes too long


Status: Our current matching system initially tries to match up 2 similar teams (12vs12 and 16vs16 for example). Players who don't fit in to the balance have to wait until another team becomes available. This causes wait times that are far too long.


This system will be changed so that players who don't make the cutoff for the initial teams will then be set to battle immediately against each other. This may result in suboptimal battles, such as 5 vs 6, but players who participate in these battles will receive 20% additional EXP as compensation for the conditions. Our main goal is to eventually reduce wait times for all users to no more than 1 minute.


13) Various typos


Status: Our team has been creating a list of all reported typos and broken words so they can be fixed in the upcoming update.


14) Fame System (Currently designated as "Contribution" within the fleel panel)

We have received questions regarding the "Contribution" listing under the fleet panel.


Status: At the moment, this aspect of the game is not functioning. Initially it was developed as a way to represent a calculated Fleet Rank score. However, if a player leaves their fleet, then their contribution point would be eliminated since it was linked to their fleet.


This system will be changed to "Fame". Every player will gain a fame calculation when they participate in battle and achieve good scores. This system will be solely dependant on the player's individual record, and will then be added to the fleet score once the player becomes a fleet member. With this, fleet leaders should scout good players to help enhance their fleet ranking.


15) Navy Field 2 Steam Version


Status: At the moment we are focused on resolving all issues being reported so we can provide a great stand-alone client for our initial launch on December 11th. Our team will get hard to work on developing the Steam compatible version right after this launch. We hope to be able to introduce the game through Steam in January (or early February). For the moment we can't offer much more concrete details. 


Please note, the standalone and Steam versions of Navy Field 2 will both access the same server and anyone who wishes to play Navy Field 2 will need to register through Navyfield2.com. For this reason, we stress that you do not need to wait for the Steam version. If you wish to start playing now, you can do so and then move to the Steam version in the future if it is more convenient for you. For all of our standalone users, we ask that you please get ready to provide a friendly greeting to the new Steam users with your larger naval cannons, torpedoes, and air bombers!


Please continue to share all of your reports so we can improve Navy Field 2 for all! We promise that the official release will be much improved thanks to your help! Continue playing to experience Navy Field 2's growth!


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