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less exp and creds

2/20/2015 1:44:18 PM
Avatar Mirco67


again you begin with this very bad joke?

Now i STOP TO GAME when you not change this!

With BB9 2000-4000 exp (prem!).

WHat that for a bad joke???? i need more than 5'300'000 exp for h39.

this are MORE THAN 1700 battles!

You think really that i wait so long? Sorry but this is NEVER that what i want!

maybe the HALF is ok: 850 battles! All other is NADA and the people STOP TO PLAY!


What you think is the problem when a player had the biggest bb? Like in nf1 we played other nations, other ship categorys ect. So that who makes you is very demotivated. For me, i will go back to nf1 or soon WOB.

You have many time to change this but you don't change t, very bad.

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