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EXP Structure Change and Others (If NF2 wants to copy WOT, do it right!)

2/23/2015 11:34:41 AM
Avatar billdubill

NF2 takes a lot of element from WOT.

-Free Exp

-Tier of ships (Instead of level from NF1)

-Match making (Instead of finding rooms from NF1)

-Gold system

-Ship Research (With possibility of researching guns, engine, etc after getting a ship. NF1 used to require certain levels to mount certain guns)


NF2 takes all these from WOT because WOT has been very successful.

I want to see NF2 successful as well, since I love the concept and the gameplay and the art. (Nothing wrong here)

But SDE needs to realize the fact that this is 2015. Players have played games like WOT (where the grind isn't painful), and Guild Wars 2 (Where the game structure makes leveling effortless, not a grind AT ALL). All good games should structure their game play so you don’t feel the pain of grind.

Currently I see a few big changes that will make this game more enjoyable:




  1. EXP and Credits Structure. With a premium account in WOT, you usually get 1300 EXP a game if you are tier 9. (Tier 10 is max). A tier 10 would require 230k on average to research. so that is 180 games ish. That's pretty Okay. Quoting from this guy: http://www.navyfield2.com/Forum/View.aspx?num=1182&bt=B05&st=1&sw=&rc=20&ot=1  You would need to play 1,700 games to get from the second last to the last ship in NF2 even with prem account. This has to change, not just for high tier ships, but throughout. Credits should also be proportionally gained with EXP. So when you get the EXP to unlock a ship, you have the credits to buy it. In essence, EXP and credits gained should enable players to get from second last to the last ship on a line with max 200 games on average with a premium account, and all other lower tier ships will require exponentially less than that number. 

Some people view grinding as a "merit", a sign of "perseverance", that may be true in life and at work, but a game isn't supposed to be like that. If you copy WOT, copy their EXP structure. When players are empowered to complete one ship tree, they will want to play more other ship trees. I understand that the ships currently are very limited, so you want to discourage players to get all big ships immediately, but you NEED to change the EXP structure NOW otherwise current players are leaving and you will NEVER get the benefit of word of mouth. 




  1. Win/Loss after battle. Having players ALWAYS lose if they leave a match early really discourage players. This severely misrepresents a player’s win rate and reduces their EXP gain and is only seen as a money making scheme since you allow players to pay $$ to reset their win rate. The battle results and exp reward should be like that in WOT, where if you exit the game early, you can go to another game, and you will find out later on if you won or not when that match is finished.





  1. Gun Research/ Image. Currently there is no telling what the default (The one that comes with the ship)/ gun/ equipment stats are in the research menu. That is something you should highlight to make players feel that they are progressing on to something that is better than the default gun/equips on the ship.

 You should also, whenever possible, create different images for the guns on the ship, so players have a visual confirmation that they are improving their ship. These are all tiny details that make the game fun, and the grind less painful.





that's it for my rant, if you support these changes, please push this to the top, and add more at the bottom and I can't add the most mentioned change in the main post. Let's push these changes through to SDE!



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