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There isn't enough players for Limited MM

2/26/2015 4:52:48 AM
Avatar Rilder

I decided this morning to do a match on my Kriegsmarine captain who isn't very far, I promplty got this:

Now maybe sometimes this might be fun, but 1v1 low tier destroyer fights aren't really my style, Even if I'm fighting max tier ships who can one shot me, it's still far more fun than 1v1 destroyer duels, hell, it can be quite satisfying to wreck a battleship with a well done torpedo salvo or run ASW on those pesky little subs everybody whinges about. 

However, even if it was perhaps better to have a limited MM like this, Navyfield 2 just doesn't have enough players currently to make it work well enough to make it worthwhile.  Just remove the bloody limited MM, it's not that bad to be a low tier Destroyer fighting high tier enemies, and the last thing MM needs right now is more things to make it harder to get matches.

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