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2/26/2015 5:16:36 PM
Avatar Feloket

Hi, as a player who want a good game, i could love some variations of maps.. i mean terrain and/or sea. by this i am saying  that you could add like an european map, afrikan map, asiatic map, etc... with dessert`s, snowy sea, and al that things.. maybe a pearl harbor port or a philippine one...hope u got the point.

Another thing is that i love big maps, they are more like "real". doesn`t matter the number of players, on a real battle a ship can run  anywhere he wants, fight to win or run to survive( maybe a retreat point should be added. this could save the cost of repairing the ship)

I really want a "allies vs axis" mm, but i know that the game needs more players to make this.

sorry if my english isn`t good, it is my secudary language

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