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Torp Spammers and Turrets research upgrades..

2/27/2015 10:53:46 PM
Avatar frezinator

Since the patch came out, i start noticing a lot of ships torps spamming...


Before the patch, i enjoyed upgrading every ship upgrades available, now after the patch, it's not worth it, Turrets upgrades have all the same speed reload.. Whats the point grinding and upgrading turrets if all turrets upgrades have the same all speed? yea the damage is different, but speed needs to be at least different too you know.. not the same. That's why we grind and save ship experience to get better upgrades making our ships better...


This patch did not made the game balance, it made the game even more unbalance...


to all posters who just keep complaining about some ships that are too strong obviously they just want their ship to be stronger... You kinda get the point right???

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