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Auto AA TBs and DBs

3/2/2015 10:56:09 AM
Avatar djpickrell

First for the Auto AA you should change the graphics to small flak cannon and tracers into the sky and splashes in the water when Auto AA is shooting at TBs.  DDs shouldnt not be faster than a plane.  I would loose squadrons trying to fend off a DD or CL who is on my tail.  I shouldnt loose a squadron after DBs make a bombing run.  It shouldnt take 20 torps and 20 bombs (exaggeration) to kill of a BB.  You should be able to load both HE and AP rounds for DBs.  For TBs should be about speed/armor of the aircraft vs Speed/damage of the torp.  Torpedoes should be the most devastating.  These are just my ideas as a CV player.  I have alot of difficulty against faster ships because of the carrier speed and planes are my only defense against them.  And MBs should be a bit more armored and tougher to kill.

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