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[03/02] Upcoming Patch Notes for 03/04

3/2/2015 8:31:51 PM
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Dear NF2 Captains,


This week brings another round of game-changing updates including the official release of Navy Field 2 on Steam. Please read on for complete details on all that may be expected.

1. Navy Field 2 will launch on Steam at 00:00 on Thursday, March 5th.


Players with existing Navy Field 2 accounts can convert an account to be compatible with Steam (only one NF2 account can be converted per Steam account due to Steam policy).


Steam client will behave the same as the traditional client and connect to the currently existing game server. The only major difference is that all payments made through the Steam client will be processed exclusively through the Steam Wallet system.


For additional account conversion details please see:



2. Steam welcoming events will go live


A pair of events meant to highlight the launch of Navy Field 2 on Steam will go live upon completion of server maintenance. Events include a special Gold discount event and a Daily Login style event.


All users will be able to participate in the events; stay tuned for complete details.

3. Reward system changes


The reward system will be altered from the current shared system to a more personal results system.


The system will be distinguished through an awarding of Ranks: S (top rank) to Rank F (lowest rank) based upon personal battle performance.


Higher ranking results will provide more rewards to players.


The basic EXP reward amount will be permanently increased 2x (by double)


The basic Credit reward amount will be permanently increased 1.5x


4. Match-Making update


The matching server will no longer be set to initially pair up CA, CL, and DD. This will result in the system prioritizing the matching of BB, CV, and SS in order to start regular battles that may include unpaired arrangements of CA, CL, and DD (however, the total player amount will be fairly matched).


5. Balance Adjustments



The basic speed of BB will be increased by 10%

The turning speed of BB will be decreased by 10%



The basic speed of SS will be decreased by 10%



The torpedo capacity of IJN Kita-kami will be decreased from 208 to 100 torpedoes (bug fix)



Torpedo capacity of DD & CL class ships will be reduced by 100% to counter an unintentional bug in last week's patch (original intention was to increase capacity by 30%, but the values were doubled)


6. Platoon function will be added


In order to facilitate optimal battles and to reduce wait times, multiple CV or SS will be restricted in a single platoon.


7. Hot-Key changes


The hot-key for the battle information window will be changed from shift+tab to the ` key


Customized hot-keys will be reset.


8. Two new skins will be added

 Baltic Scheme:



Dazzle Scheme:




9. The price of Premium Sailors has been reduced


Premium Sailors price will be changed from 1200 to 300 Gold.


All users who have previously purchased Premium Sailors will receive 900 Gold reimbursed to their account for each respective purchase following maintenance.


10. Ocean graphic has been enhanced


Please look forward to these updates and enjoy welcoming the new Steam users on the Server later this week!


Thank you for your support and as always, please continue to share your thoughts.


-NF2 Team

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