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Suggested changes to carriers and their aircraft by faction

3/3/2015 2:50:58 AM
Avatar Sky1554

Hi, id like to offer some suggestions for changes of current ingame aircraft and general sameyness of aircraft across nations, as most play completely the same so in this post ill offer my opinion on some changes that could be made to facilitate a reason to choose one nation over the other and a huge rework of the aircraft currently ingame. game play changes first, to show a clear progression in the capabilities of carriers id suggest a plane to squadron ratio as following going up each teir

CV-T5 5/5 the current number of planes here is completely sufficient showing that early carriers did not have command and control capabilites nor large stores for aircraft

CV-T6 6/5 as the capabilities of the ships improve so should the amount of planes they field, at this teir 6 planes per squadron with a maximum of 5 squadrons would be best, since the command capability of the carriers hadent caught up to the space of hangers or the technology of the planes

CV-T7 6/6 the control capabilities has finially caught up with the squadron capacity of the carrier, alowing it to field more aircraft in total while mantaining the individual squadron size, the carriers at this teir are mostly fast light escort carriers, the pinical of light carrier tech

CV-T7-T9 7/7 carriers didnt have any major inovations here, and as such all of these fleet carriers will have roughly the same capacity of command just with varying reserves of aircraft

CV-T10/11 7/9 these are the super carriers of their day, big, tough and swarming with aircraft, they should be THE flagship of a match, as they were the biggest ships fielded in world war two


Aircraft Changes by nation

Abbreviation key

FF- fighter

DB- dive bomber

TB- torpedo bomber

IJN, forgoing armor due to inefficences in their engine development, japanese aircraft of ww2 were nimble and packed a nasty punch which was offset by the lack of armor and often subpar speed, to represent this i recommend in relation to the other nations their aircraft have these general stats (15% damage buff, 10% speed nerf to everything except D4Y, which should have a 15% speed buff over current D3A1 (lvl60) 30% durability nerf)


lvl1 A5M, good choice here, i have no issue

lvl60 A6M, a record holder in its day, the ICONIC A6M zero was the mainstay fighter of the japanese carrier fleet throughout ww2

lvl80 A7M, developed too late to serve on any carriers the A7M reppu was a topnotch aircraft which embodied japanese aircraft design perfectly

these two aircraft would look alot better as they were both designed to be used as japanese carrier borune fighters


lvl1 Achi D3A1, fairly outdated by the begining of world war 2, the D3A1 had a rather low bombload (should be the same damage as current lvl1) and was hampered by lack of amor, fixed landing gear and insufficent defensive armerment

lvl60 D4Y3, the fastest dive bomber of world war two (give the best dive bomber speed) the D4Y was a major improvment from the val, though its bombload was still lacking and the speed cost it armor, it now packed a dangerous (7k HE, 1k AP?) punch due to its larger and internal bomb bay

TB, a note here, japan specialized in torpedo bombers and as such should have the most effective in the game, they should lack armor, but pack a punch that makes even the biggest battleship give a moment of pause when they are afoot, ofset by their realtive fragility and terrible defensive armorment (with one notable exception)

lvl1 B5N, the nakajima B5N served valiently through out most of the pacific war as japans premier torpedo bomber and carried a deadly weapon, a lighter airborne version of the "long lance" torpedo, at its teir it should have the best preformance of the beginning torpedo bombers

lvl60 B6N, the tenzen, a faster slightly more armored replacement for the B5N was an overall improvment in every way, and as such should keep the current stats (with a dur nerf) of the current lvl 60 B5N (11k max damage)

lvl80 B7A2, the plane that could do it all, the B7A2 was an amazing multirole aircraft, packing the same manuverability and punch of a zero while being able to carry a full long lance torpedo (14k damage slow) while it didnt have the same survivability of a true fighter, it would easily shredd other dive bombers and torpedo planes (low durability and goodish speed, it can take other strike aircraft easily but a real fighter should have no problem dispensing of it) this would be the "special japanese unit" giving them their edge in naval aviation and a special flavor to japanese carriers, sticking with the "japan has the best torp tech in the game" theme :) give higher than usual loadage to represent limited production numbers and offensive capability (35 loadage per aircraft recommended)


USN, the united states specialized in two things durning the war, survivable aircraft (highest dur, second best speed, lowest damage thanks to .50 cals) devastating dive bombers (amazing he damage, similar to torps, but lowest ap) as such my suggestions for the usn are as followed

FF (10% damage nerf, 15% speed buff, 25% durability buff)

lvl1 F2A brewster Buffalo, a outdated and rather terrible fighter, it was completely inadequate when sent against japanese zeros, which were faster, better armed and longer ranged, its only distinction comes from amazing survivability

lvl60 F4F wildcat, this was the fighter the united states had to call on during most of early to mid ww2 to combat the A6M zero, its speed and armor where better than the zeros but manuverability and firepower left alot to be desired

lvl80 F4U corsair, the iconic gull wing aircraft of the united states navy, it formed the backbone of the usn fighter corp along with the F6F hellcat, i chose this over the hellcat due to its unique look and different name

DB, the united states had very very poor torpedo technology early in the war which led to their reliance and development of the best alternative, the dive bomber, american dive bombers werent paticularly fast (2nd slowest in game for balance) but where very durable and packed a massive ship killing punch

lvl1 SB2U Vindicator, this aircraft was the primary DB of the USN before ww2 and served as a trainer throughout most of ww2, as such it would fit well with the americans at teir 1

lvl60 SBD dauntless, this one, needs to be in game, it killed more japanese aircraft carriers than any other weapon in the us arsenal and was adored by its crews for its ruggedness, amazing bombload and ease of handling

lvl80 SB2C Helldiver, the replacement for the dauntless, bigger and meaner, with a bombload to match (9.5k damage per plane) it should be the best aircraft of the USN navy for sinking other ships, offset this new potential with a massive loadage of 40 to repressent the strain such a large and powerful aircraft put on a carriers logistics

TB, they are honestly fine as is, just a slight speed and damage nerf along with a durability buff for the lvl60 TBF would bring them more in line with how the us should work



RN fleet air arm, the royal navy should hold the baseline preformance all nations currently have in game, being a jack of all trades master of none, as such shouldnt recieve any nerfs or buffs, but, i still have some suggestions for changes to the aircraft to make sure they are all carrier borne killing machines, admitedly my knowledge of the capabilites of these aircraft is a bit more limited but nonetheless ill make sure they are all carrier aircraft, to offset the lack of any amazing standout aircraft, lower the loadage of all aircraft by 10%


lvl1 sea gladiator, fine as is, a good fighter

lvl60 Sea Hurrican, the next logical step a navalized version of the hawker hurrican, used throughout the early war by british carriers as the primary naval fighter

lvl80 Supermarine Seafire, a navy version of the famous spitfire, it is the best naval fighter to see widespread service in the RN before the advent of jets


lvl1 Blackburn skua, the british divebomber before ww2, it would be best served as a beginning aircraft

lvl60 Vultee A-31 Vengeance, a dive bomber that served the royal navy from 1941-1944, the only higher teir DB i could come up with


lvl1 Fairely Sword Fish, the iconic stringbag, famous for raids on tornanto harbor and its action against the bismarck, despite being terribly out of date by ww2

lvl60 Fairely Barracuda, the replacement for the swordfish, an all metal monoplane torpedobomber better in virtually every way, it should represent the top end british developed carrier based torpedo bomber


KM, the kriegsmarine is a bit harder than the others, as they didnt have any actual naval aircraft i will defer to the devs on their aircraft choices, instead i will suggest some buffs and nerfs to give the germans that superiors "quality over quantity" feeling 30% damage buff, 10% speed buff, 5% durabilit buff, 35% loadage increase per plane, while having better preformance and very deadly air to air guns, the germans simply cannot keep up with production demands, thus a german carrier captain needs to be careful about losses as each plane is worth nearly 2 of any other nation, precise strikes and quick withdralws are demanded, giving german carriers the blitzkrieg feel

even if my suggested gameplay changes dont come into effect i sincerely hope the devs seriously look at each of my suggested aircraft per teir and carefully consider introducing them into the game as they all are true carrier based aircraft used throughot the war by their respective parties

i hope you all enjoy or atleast have contstuctive critisim to offer on my suggestions and look forward to reading you comments, please try to keep the discussion civil and on topic, if you have any aircraft suggestions please post them but keep in mind they have to be A.) Carrier capable, and B.) Cannot be jets as they would horribly unbalance the game and give the germans and british unreasonable advantages

-Hairi, Senior Lieutenet, ICBM.

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