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Thank you Navyfield 2 team for listening to your players!

3/4/2015 1:06:20 AM
Avatar frezinator

I would like to give a huge thanks to Navy Field 2 team for listening to their players and making an effort to balance the game (It might still not be perfectly balanced, but  i know you guys are trying your best to make the game completely balance as possible, and i respect that). As a Navy field fan, i really appreciate it! and Thank you so much for your hardwork and effort!




The upcoming patch for 3/04



The basic speed of BB will be increased by 10%

The turning speed of BB will be decreased by 10%



The basic speed of SS will be decreased by 10%



The torpedo capacity of IJN Kita-kami will be decreased from 208 to 100 torpedoes (bug fix)



Torpedo capacity of DD & CL class ships will be reduced by 100% to counter an unintentional bug in last week's patch (original intention was to increase capacity by 30%, but the values were doubled)




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