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Buy gold with credits

3/4/2015 12:49:01 PM
Avatar Fr3AkAzOiD

I don't believe any game should have items that the only way to get them is with real money, that is why you get a

lot of the "pay to win" posts.


Have it so you can buy gold with credits. The ratio should be steep so that most will still want to buy the gold as

thats how SDE makes its money. I was figuring something like 20,000 credits per 100 gold. That way something

like a dock size increase can be saved up for but it would end up costing 140,000 credits to get the gold to unlock

a slot.


It would cost 120k credits to buy 5 Advanced trainings while with that same money you could have purchased 10

basic trainings.


It's up to you to set the ratio but I would still like a way to buy gold with credits.




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