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Fix Credit Rewards!

3/5/2015 6:52:57 AM
Avatar AngryAkki

Dear Developers ...could you please explain to me how the credit reward system now works??


your latest patch notes says:


  1. Reward system changes

 The reward system will be altered from the current shared system to a more personal results system.

 The system will be distinguished through an awarding of Ranks: S (top rank) to Rank F (lowest rank) based upon personal battle performance.

 Higher ranking results will provide more rewards to players.

 The basic EXP reward amount will be permanently increased 2x (by double)

 The basic Credit reward amount will be permanently increased 1.5x




here are few examples that shows there is something wrong...

example 1:

I have gained around 1600 credits per battle with my Atlanta tier 7 cruiser before last patch...

now iam having around 700 credits per battle ...that is harldy a 1.5 x increased reward!!!

example 2:

I have played two battles with my Z1934 type D tier 4 Destroyer ...

First battle : victory ,i survived without a scratch , and i have dealt more than 120 000 damage to the enemy, sunk five ships and fully captured two bases...

reward: 690 credits

Second battle: Defeat , my ship was destroyed at the beginning of the battle and i did only 2800 damage with one torpedo hit ...

reward 575 credits


so could you please explain to me what is that supposed to mean?!

fix it , please!

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