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Some imortant serious suggestion ( Hot !)

3/5/2015 10:45:39 PM
Avatar gjwtc3

I was appreciate for the change you make now.

I have been a navyfield 1 player for 10 years and I found the navyfield 2 just lost some key features that it should have.


  1. The problem of speed

The pace of this game is too fast, much faster than navyfield 1, I know you already cut down the speed of ss, but You need to cut down the speed of all the ships by at least 20%. Fast pace makes the game hard and make the manual aiming mode impossible to use


       2.Radar, the aiming system,

I realize the navyfield 2 gives to aiming system, auto and manual, the problem is auto system is too accuracy and too easy to use which makes the game so boring and don't even need any skill to play. While the manual aiming system is too difficult to use in such a fast pace in this game, this is also why you need futher cut down the speed.


      3. all the weapon need to be alternative, which means can be changed to any options if we like

  THis is my faverite feature in Navyfield 1, we can change our main gun, aside gun, torpedor to any type if we like, but in navyfield 2 we can't do it. It's became so boring, no choice for different guns. so Boring !


       4.Rank need to be visable

No matter what level my captain is, when the game start, the rank symbol is the same. That's the problem, you need to make different symbol to differetiate people in different level like in Navyfield 1.


       5. The profile of the crew is so ugly

The captain looks good, but the crew picture is so disgusting, like a bad ass on the street, you may need to design some good picture for different country like in different crew uniform that truely exist in the history.


Please think about these in next patch, and save this game before losing too many fans !!!!!

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