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Balance Discussion


3/7/2015 8:53:49 AM
Avatar berwatchey

I'm going to use the brooklyn as my example because it in my opinion is the easiest example to show this. but i think most experienced players would agree that the current CL balance is crazy. The Brooklyn out damages almost every ship in game. 

last night i was in my north carolina, he sailed up to me with me over 90% health, I landed 7/9 shells, and he sunk me before I could reload. This is not fair or balanced. A CL is not a hard counter to BB's and currently evemn with half the health of other ships it fires so many shells for so much damage it is insane.

because of this it also ruinds the CA balance. Ill speak to mostly the american CA's because that is what i play, but the later american CA's have almost no secondary guns with only 9 primary on 3 turrets. They fire slow and only hit for 600 more per shell then a prooklyn that fires 15 shells at double the rate. The CA is DESIGNED to hunt smaller ships, but in its current form gets out damaged by even high tier DD's.

Then add the fact that only subs and BB's are slower then the CA and it completely breaks the CA(American) Line. The ships out damage you and are faster.... this needs remidied.


This could be fixed by increasing the damage of 8" shells, and reducing the reload. though honestly the 6" reload times need to be lengthend too.

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