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Remove Pay to Win Aspects from the Game

3/7/2015 10:56:21 AM
Avatar Zachev



 Yesterday, I was pleasantly surprised to see a NavyField 2 pop up in Steam's new releases section.  As a kid, I sank hundreds of hours into NF1.  I have always remembered how NF1's EBVE "premium" crew absolutely outperformed a nonpaying member's crew, making the game pay to win.  Though, that didn't matter too much to me then, now I find myself criticizing poor F2P models very heavily.  


So to sum everything up in a TL;DR:

This F2P model is now obsolete in today's gaming market, and needs to be revised to stay competitive.


I can understand making the game very grindy, and selling items to ease the grind such as bridge officer aids, and premium, however, premium only ship supports that offer a 5% increase to accuracy, reload rate, and even range over what is available without paying is straight up pay to win.

Not to mention the fact that the "Elite Sailor" system managed to make its way back into the game, meaning a paying member will always have a crew that outperforms a nonpaying member's crew.  Again, pay to win.


So my proposition is as follows:

-Remove "Ship Supports" all together.  The idea of 7 day "boosts" to a specific ship is already silly, let alone adding in premium only versions of those ship supports.

-Remove "Elite Sailors".  No matter how much a nonpaying member plays, their crew will always be out performed by a paying member.  This whole idea was fine years ago in NF1's days when P2W wasn't heavily criticized, however, that is definitely not the case in this age.


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The Steam reviews speak for themselves.  This game will not last very long on old Pay to Win features.  Modernize your game, or forget you ever made it in the first place.  


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