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Suggestion for exp to be given according to damage dealt

3/10/2015 9:47:21 AM
Avatar fruitninja

Hi, I've played NF1 for years and switched over to NF2 about 4 days ago.
I understand that these are completely different games in their own rights. Points below 
have been mentioned before and I maybe repeating them...
However I feel that as it currently is, the current exp system is abused by some users
of a certain fleet of which I shall not name here... Also, due to the way the exp and credit
are rewarded to players, there is not much incentive to do well in the game other than to
deal enough damage and get yourself to S rank on the reward list which doesn't seem very
difficult to achieve from what i can gather...

My suggestions
1. Add a minimum time afterwhich exp will be received to stop people from abusing the current exp system.

2. Introduce the nf1 system that rewards players for doing well in games such as granting more exp and credits
 if you do significant damage or increased rewards for players ranked 1-3 at the end of the game. A limit can be placed thats fine.

I feel that it would help combat the exp grinding abusers that just rush in and die within 30seconds of each game and reward players for actually trying to perform their roles for the team instead of just grinding the exp so they can promote to the next ship tier.
Just my two cents, Thanks for reading :)

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