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Tip and Tactics

Basics of Battle

12/5/2014 2:38:08 AM
Avatar frosti00

Ship Roles.
FF/DD (Destroyers) - Fast Moving Torpedoes to kill bigger prey, Max speed to hunt CV's when you've spent your torps.

CL (Light Cruisers) - Can See Farther and therefore detect enemies for BB's and CA's. moderate guns for AA and can hunt FF/DD/SS. therefore stay close to BB and CV's to protect them.

CA - (Heavy Cruisers) - the marksman of ships, good speed, good guns, good view and can dodge most things, can cap closer points at the start of battle faster than a BB with over-speed can.

SS (subs) - not for the faint of heart, they are easy to die and easy to see, but if you have the ability to read the battle and choose a correct route to the enemy fleet then you should have no problems in killing CV's and BBs.

BB (Battleships) - the damage dealers, blind without the rest of the fleet to help during battle, but with correct scouting and point caps, a BB will be the main source of damage. a good BB captain will get into position and choose to kill the correct targets with the help of the fleet to give view, a blind BB is a dead BB.

CV (Carriers) - the MOST important ship in a fleet, they are the key to winning. Since this is new to alot of people, doing damage and bombs/torpedoes enemies is not the MAIN role of a CV. your main role is to provide Counter-Scouting for your fleet as well as giving view so your BB so they can outgun the enemy. having nearly all fighters is how you should be using your CV's. 1-2 bombers is just about all you ever need. this is why the whole fleet will protect a CV. its their lifeline, without it they will get out gunned.

now that you know your role, stop trying to shot a BB with your CA and out run them and hit their CV's and CL's.


Certain Maps have control points that are crucial to winning, they provide Area of effect View on the battle ground so you can out shoot your enemies.

The start of battle should be faster DD/CL's attempting to dodge and cap neutral bases faster than the others can, you do not need to stop to cap, all you need is to tick the point over to your team so they can have view and shoot the enemy.

running to a point blind is not as effective as having vision and waiting for the enemy tto come to you. this works most of the time but if they have air control and can see you, then its really about BB driving skills.


Aiming - Practice.

Certain factors must be calculated before aiming correctly and shooting.

Factor A: What direction am I going in relation to my target?

IE: If I'm moving and my target is standing still, where on the guideline should i aim for?

Factor B: What speed am I going in relation to my target?

IE: If i'm at 1/2 speed and my target is on full speed, should I slow down and get better spread?

Factor C: Whats my Elevation of my Gun and how fast is it to change target?

IE: If I just shot an enemy that is at max range and now there's a closer target, how fast is my guns changing elevation?

Factor D (optional): why does most guns have 30* degree elevation and certain guns have 75* elevation?

IE: High angle shots do more dmg and most people do not have thick deck armor. is that just a waste of time?


All these factors should be considered before you choose where on the guideline you should be aiming for.


There are ALOT more things you can think about to achieve a better winning % (IE: the center of the map is the most dangerous as most ships move north/south to pincer smaller ships rushing.) this is mostly due to experience.

this is beta, play and have fun!


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