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3/13/2015 7:44:37 PM
Avatar DragonAsta

 please change sound settings, the ONLY way you can get rid of that crazy loud end game music is to mute all sounds this game makes, and that is terrible :(

Can you please allow to press Tab to cycle through say ALL/PLATTON/TEAM or whatever and everytime go to cycle the chat arrow up it "hides" the chat box which is annoying, and maybe have it that you can click on someones name to "invite to team" "invite to fleet" and "send message" as to have to type out /whisper and thier name is also quite terrible.

Finally, can you make it that your ship will get the reward from battle AFTER battle is completed, as there has been many times I have done well but game drops connection and because of this I make NOTHING from it :( I rather my ship be locked for duration of battle and actually get something then to lose whatever I might have got (though would be nice if can get back into battle by say typing a small captcha code to ensure not a botter or something taking advantage of system or what have you.

Increase view range somewhat as many of the ships I am using cannot see 1/2 as far as distance I am getting shot many times, the whole concept of fog of war or invisible to visible is kinda nasty always has been, even if you see a "black ship" until "spotted" in view range would be ok, cause it would be a default shadow of sorts but at least you might know what is shotting and would be "more realistic" as again, being shot WAY further then you can see is yuck, and having to need to get radar base to see a bit further is malarky.

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