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Island Maps and Spawn Locations/Take "Summoner's Straight" out of the Rotation

3/13/2015 9:48:13 PM
Avatar iansarmy

First, I'd like to say that this game desperately needs custom rooms a la NF1, so terrible maps can be just be ignored.

Second, I've noticed the maps with larger numbers of islands go out of their way to break up teams into smaller groups. I understand that the idea is to encourage smaller engagements and allow a team with weaker ships to have a chance to win. But, I think they've way overcompensated and create a lot of annoying situations, and a mess of disjointed and random engagements instead of good teamwork. "Summoner's Straight" is the worst. It puts you in tiny nonsensical groups and it takes a huge amount of effort to concentrate into an effective force. The other day I was playing as a DD and was spawned with a low tier CL and CV right next to a big group of enemy high tier BB’s who shredded us before we could cross the huge distance to join a stronger element of our teammates.

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