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1 DMG or 300'000 DMG

3/14/2015 1:39:02 PM
Avatar Mirco67

In this game its not important to make much dmg or sink much enemy ships.

The exp is allways the same.

This is very bad...tipical a amateur game.


WHy not give Bonus exp/creds when do much dmg?

 A ship can make 1 hit then wait till the battle is over and take the same like a other ship (same class) who work hard and fight for win. This is very noobing! Amateur game!


2. :

Draw is a amateur game result. You count only the number of ships who alive end at the battle. Amateur game!

Count the team dmg! You have now a counter of every playing ship, so make counter with team dmg. And the team with more team dmg wins! All other is amateur game!



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