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Making the most of your NF2 experience (Credits/EXP/Nation Balance)

3/16/2015 5:51:34 AM
Avatar LunchBox

Dear SDE,

If you want this games player base to grow, and to keep existing players satisfied with their experience, here are a few suggestions.

The point of giving each account 6 potential Bridge Officers seem to point to the promotion of playing multiple lines of ships, multiple nations, etc. Am I wrong?  With the amount of time it takes just to get one Bridge Officer to 100, let alone unlock all the ships in the lines, this would take months of constant playing time.  I for one have a life outside of online gaming, full time job, and a family, yet I still devote 4-5 hours per day to relax and play with fleetmates online.  If SDE is truly interested in understanding the commitment the current format requires, I encourage them to speak to anyone who has reached Tier 11, and how many hours/money/headaches they have contributed to NF2. 

By limiting the gains per battle or by not adjusting the costs of ships in the line, EXP/Credit Ratios, you are limiting the amount of enjoyment players can have.  Ship balance and matchmaking fiascos aside, This gaming experience has improved alot since the Steam launch, more players online, greatly reduce queue times.  However, I would like to have at least one BO for each nation.

In order for that to happen, you must increase Credit and EXP rewards by 25-40% at the current EXP/Credit costs for new ships.  Either adjust the reward or cut the exp/credit costs by 50%.

The eventual outcome will be a wider variety of higher level ships, which will solve balancing issues for themselves.

The faster players can see a reward for committing not only time, but MONEY, ALOT of money to this game, then your servers will be constantly full, the Gold purchases will continue, and your Forums will be alot less doom and gloom.


With the launch of competing games of this genre, look to the future, and give your committed customers what they want.


As an added request, Please apply the actual advantages for each particular nation.  IJN torpedoes are severly underpowered when they should be the most powerful.  KM range does not seem to be an advantage at all.  UK BB's hit hard, but not how they did in NF1.  USN BB's could use a bit of an accuracy buff at lower tiers, but then again so could all BB's.


If any of my fellow NF2 daily players out there support these views, Reply to this post and show SDE this is important to it's regular, committed, and paying customers.


These views and ideas are mine alone, however I believe the NF2 community would support these changes.

All feedback is welcome.


Thank you for your time,



Jedi Fleet Member


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