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Master Ship EXP Automatically converts to Free EXP

3/16/2015 1:49:12 PM
Avatar LunchBox

Here's the idea,


If you master a ship, convert all experience gained with the master ship to FREE ship EXP without paying the ridiculous gold conversion cost.

Let the grind be at least enjoyable and not cost players any extra to convert all the useless EXP you gain by playing master ships if you can't afford to convert it.


two solutions:


Make it a FREE conversion    OR    Reduce to conversion costs to say 1 gold per 1000 exp, instead of the 1 for 200 ratio.


SDE is being pretty greedy for the amount of people that already purchase prem accounts, sailors, buffs, skins, aides, etc.


How many positive replies will this get.  Lay it on me NF2 Vets.

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