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Sharing free xp and premium sailors

3/17/2015 7:13:16 PM
Avatar Toblaki
If I earn free xp on a mastered ship (KM BB line for example) it should not be attached to the Bridge Officer but to my account in general so I can use that free xp to spend on other nation ship lines to lessen the grind. Same goes for premium sailors, if I buy too many gunners they should be available to be used on another BO of a different nation, instead of locked to one BO. If I reroll from BB to CV then I shouldn't have to grind ships I have previously unlocked on my new BO, each time I unlock a ship on one BO it should be an account wide unlock. Also on the tech tree please list the XP requirements for every module underneath it, whilst it is available on mouseover it would be nice to have it on the tech tree so you can see it at a glance. In short please lessen the grind for new BO's by creating an account wide unlock system for ships and let us have account wide free xp once we have earned it and converted it.
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