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Here is my suggestion

3/19/2015 8:32:38 AM
Avatar djpickrell

I think Devs should really model around World of Warships as far as speed of ships speed of torpedoes airplane speed damage.   Lol Im only playing this until world of warships come out for public.  But all of you are complaining to make your gameplay easier.   In world of warships for all you DD torp whores are going to complain about how the speed of the ship is too slow and how planes are too fast.   Well common sense says "WHEN DOES A SHIP GO FASTER THAN A PLANE OR KEEP UP WITH A PLANE THAT IS MEANT TO GO AN AVERAGE OF     220 MPH!"   I am a CV player I encourage the tougher gameplay.  The only way I get kills is if its a BB or CV my average kill rate is 1-2 kills a game if im not the commander.  If I kill a DD,SS, CL its because I was a better player and I know my ship and how to use it.  A BB is heavily armored damaging guns but is slow and cant turn fast.  A DD has good turn rate low armor with a bit of a faster speed than most ships meant for hunting subs and providing AA screen with a CL.  A CL is an upgraded DD meant to provide an anti air screen for the BB.  A CA and an armored version of the CA meant in punching through smaller ships and assisting in DPS of the BB.  The BB and CV are the most feared and most damaging of all ships.  slow turn rate but packs the punch in a fleet.  BBs and CLs will do the MOST damage no the CL or DD.  An SS is meant to sneak behind lines and kill the big ships DDs are meant to hunt them. 

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