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What i would like to see in NF2

3/20/2015 11:57:14 AM
Avatar Zeroaim

Hello. With the risk of repeating some previous post here is what i would like NF2 to go.


  1. XP/Credits based on dmg done. That should have been from the start, if u preform well and carry the team u should get the reward for it aswell.
  2. Lock the ship in battle so we can leave the match when we are sunk. The time we waste just to get the win if sunk early is sickning tbh. And that should counter those that flash gring ships aswell, or atleast stall them abit.
  3. Take a look at the MM and tune it. Seeing tier 2s and 3s in the same game as tier 10s and 11s makes me think u havnt thought this thru enought.

I do enjoy playing this fast pace game, but the XP and the "u cannot leave the game if u want a win" is making me want to just uninstall this ASAP.

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