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Depression on tier IX+ Guns

3/28/2015 3:17:05 PM
Avatar jackladi

I know a few other people have talked about adding secondary's to the high tier BB's. I admit that may put these ships out of other tiers. But in terms of being humped by low tier ss who can pretty much maintain my speed on the surface (i only carry 3 tier V armour slots) I feel there should be a way to defend yourself.! By adding a depression to the guns you effectively add a means to blat the pesky ss at your side. This won't effect the skilful ss players too much it should who can disappear and try for another attack most BB's will be at high elevation anyway. I've no problem giving them a small buff in dive time either. The process should be ss skilfully approaches BB launches an attack and disappears before the BB has a chance to respond. Being able to simply sail close to the BB with complete impunity is wrong as the BB can hit nothing close. There's no skill just a cruising inside a BB's range launching torpedo after torp.

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