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Guidelines should move independently of ship's turning

3/29/2015 9:25:17 AM
Avatar Shivv1

At present, your guns' guidelines move semi-independently.  What this means is that if you aren't trying to move your guns, and you turn your ship in a circle, the guidelines will stay pointed in the same direction (unless they hit the maximum angle, then they'll follow along and turn automatically).  That's the independent part.

However, if you DO try to move your guns while you're turning, if you're trying to move them in the opposite direction of the turn, the guidelines fail to move at all, because suddenly their movement is tied to the ship (so that they are rotating at the same speed relative to the ship), but they are not changing direction at all in terms of where they're pointed on the map.  If you turn your guns in the same direction as you're turning, they turn double-fast (i.e., the same speed relative to the ship, but twice as fast by map direction).  As a side note, guns that have a really fast turning speed might instead just turn really slowly against the ship's turn (because they turn slightly faster than the ship), but many of the guns I've tried sit completely stationary when I'm trying to move them as I turn my ship.

Now there is a certain element of "realism" when the guns' turning is tied to the ship, but that doesn't matter in the slightest.  What this problem needs is playability.  The guidelines should move clockwise and counterclockwise at the same rate, whether my ship is turning or not, because this makes manual aiming more playable.  What's happening now is while I'm weaving around and trying to dodge shells, changing direction frequently, sometimes my guidelines move twice as fast as I want, and sometimes they don't move at all.  Imagine someone sitting beside you and randomly turning on and off TDA while you're trying to aim a shot.  It's awful.

I'm sure someone will suggest this, so yes you can use TDA to overcome the ship's turning and turn your guns in the opposite direction, but it's too fast and clumsy so there is no way to finely tune the direction of a shot while you're turning.

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