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Question about Officers

4/1/2015 9:04:49 AM
Avatar Boulii

This game has way too little information regarding what each officer does and how much points you need to spend to see some effect.

For example what does the Support Officer do if you put points in Repair per Second. It is never showed in any of your ship details page. It still shows as 0 OP per second even if you have 200+ points in Repair per Second.

Same goes with any other Officer that increases any value. You can never see how much something is actually increased because nowhere you can check what the effect is of putting points in it. 


This game lacks all information about Officers. The tutorial is so basic you still don't know what an officer is even after you done the tutorial numerous times. 
So hopefully they can fix this by at least showing the different effects of Officers.

For example how much does your Repair per Second increase if you put 1 extra point in it, or how much does your accuracy increase if you put 1 more point in it.
Having a place somewhere to find out what exactly the increase is for each different type of Officer would be nice. That way you can plan ahead and know what points you should spend it on.

The way it is now is just trial and error. And that is not good judging from the immense huge cost to reset abilities on an officer.


The same goes with alot of other things like Armors. No clue what each armor does. For example the +1 Defense level armor. No clue what that does to your ship because it is not shown at all.

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