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Give Better Torps to High Tier DD's

4/2/2015 2:13:17 PM
Avatar iansarmy

One of the problems with DD's is the lack of progression in the US and RN lines. The IJN line progressively gains powerful torps and the KM line has some very good guns. The US and RN lines though are never really compensated for their lack of decent guns with better torps, making it almost pointless to stick with the DD lines. Also most high tier DD's aside from the Skimakaze face the problem of having few good options when coming against high tier BB's and CA's, since they can shrug off most regular (6k dmg) torp spreads and can pound DD's into oblivion with one or two salvos.


The best way to solve this for now, would be to offer high tier DD's of all nations the option to mount more powerful torps. This would serve to reward DD players for finishing out their ship lines and give them the ability to put some hurt on the enemy's main line of battle with some smart tactics.


P.S. I'm not someone who craps all over this game for no reason, I'm really enjoying NF2 so far. 

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