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[04/08] Server Maintenance Notice 10PM-12:00PM PST

4/7/2015 12:57:38 PM
Avatar 관리자 gm

Dear NF2 Captains,


The server will be down from 10 PM to 12 PM in PST.


The patches are below:




1. In-game Store Interface will be updated:

Interface slightly modified to improve use and avoid confusion.



2. Ship Item Interface will be updated:

-A new slot designated solely for camouflage will be added.



3. Change of Pace Event will be set into effect.

- Complete event details will follow in a separate announcement.



These are all of the currently confirmed updates for this week's patch. Last week we made note of important updates that are being worked on our team. Those updates are very close to completion, but may not meet this patch deadline. Please read on for details on what to expect in the very near future (within the next two patch updates).


EXP Rewards system update:

This update has been scheduled for release before, but requires additional finalization. The goal of the new system is to reward players who participate in battle (players who land more attack will receive more reward), and on the flip side, players who leave the battle early may face a reward penalty for doing so. The rewards cap will also be removed.


Massive Ship Tree Expansion:

We plan to introduce up to 50 new ships that will fill in all currently missing tiers. Due to the size of the data, this update will be split into two parts: a data file update and a client patch update. Please expect the data file update in an upcoming patch without a discernable effect. Once the client patch is provided in a following patch the expansion will be complete.  


Thank you for your continued support,


NF2 Team

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