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Submarine feedback

12/5/2014 12:08:10 PM
Avatar bvoid0

I unlocked and bought the first japanese submarine. Not sure if this sub is bugged or if all subs are like this. 


Spread does not work, all torpedos appear on top of each other. It looks like just 1 torpedo, but does loads of damage so I guess they are all there. 

Minimum range - sometimes I do no damage up close, other times I do. Is there a minimum arming distance? If not there should be!!! Also applies to other torp launching ships. 



This is my main complaint. At periscope depth you can see hardly anything, but all the enemies have no problem seeing you! This should be the other way around! Only people close by should spot your periscope. The visibility is so restrictive that unless you have an ally providing shared vision you will not see your target unless it's at point blank range (also see point about arming distance). Please adjust visibility values for this submarine - I'm not sure if all subs are like this.... Even if you get into perfect ambush position it's pretty much impossible to score a kill - you just won't see your target. 


When submerged surely the sub has use of passive sonar so should see "blips" nearby?






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