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4/10/2015 9:06:59 AM
Avatar Hydraaxz

All the BB XI are so Waek its unreal. Ya thay pack a punch but there DEF of 4 makes them weaker thin any other BB. Thay just cant take hits like that should. Thay are a down grade from ALL the BB IX's. Lets get real, the BB XI's sould be abel to take on 2 or 3 ships at a time not be downed by 2 CA or 2 BB like there nothing. And from the Price of 3 mill +.... Not worth geting ATM. 

The DEF lvl on all of them should be like 10 standerd, and the RU one should be 11 or 12. Thay are insults to the Best Ships ever made.

I have the IOWA, and althow it has Grate ACC it dose no more Damage thin the NC or the NM, ya it has more DP but that dose not matter when ever BB/CA is slameing you with FULL damage cuz your Def is lower thin a CL.

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