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Chammer or bad development?

4/11/2015 8:11:56 AM
Avatar xVEGAx

Hi all.
I'm sorry but this game is becoming very boring: you must change the stats in more realistic way of CA and CL otherwise me (and I'm sure) and other players will leave the game. Those ships are op: too speedy, with enormous dp, too fast guns reload, always hit (never a shot in water). If not, It means we have chammers online. Another big fail is the split function!! Horrible!!!!!!! Very, very very very poor design (read this forum!!).
Devs, I play NF2 since the first release (including CBT with Nexon). I've always supported your effort with some buys (and i'm not rich) but in this case I'm very disappointed (in other words = no more buys).

Change the stats and adjust the split alghoritm or this game will follow the previous 'destiny' (do you remember 6th august...?)


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