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Z1936A Type D ( T6 DD KM ) Most of the time running out of ammo even with upgrade.

4/13/2015 3:03:27 PM
Avatar Diabolik

Dual cannon DDs with their fast reload definitely need an ammo adjustment. I can't count the times I've ran out of ammo with ships remaining to sink even when carefully aiming and making every shot count. 150k/200k attack game, gets to endgame, could sink more ships and possibly win, but OUT OF AMMO even when going 100% HE with plenty of time left on the clock. And mind you, DDs should always carry AA too...

And no, even if torps remain, once at endgame, its much more efficient and deadly to make them chase you around keeping them just out of vision range while still being in yours and pounding away NF1 BB style when possible. Going at them with torps once at endgame is mostly suicide. Especially KM which are supposed to be kind of snipers.

Going from 360 to 450 stock and 600 to 750 upgraded would take care of the issue. A 25% increase, heck even 20% would be nice.

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